Olympic Stadion Berlin

Olympic Stadion Berlin

The internet of things and the world-wide digitalization offer a vast variety of tools and applications  for almost all areas of life. When, however, we are to face problems, which can only be solved within a respektful handling along with a certain way of expression, the only instrument available is the classic internet forum.

Article and comment, at this aspect not much has changed since 1996. This is why we have developed the communication project called 42, pure sports. We must use the ability to lead varying characters and interest groups to acquire solutions and changes together within a respectful manner.

In response to deteriorating values at sports fans and consumers are moving away from entire disciplines. As a result there are massive payment defaults for all participants. Only some team sports are given a strong support, whereas other divisions are fearing for their very existence. A huge part of the public, especially those under 30 years of age, are strongly motivated by the successes of  their favorite athletes to taking action in sports themselves. This motivation and the values, sports stand for, are endangered.

International top athletes, and also sponsors, sports associ­ations, politics and officials have a demand for healthy, pure and honest competitive sports.

In the last century, within a fast growing and more complex society, it has been relatively easy to hide a non-ethical business practice. This design flaw seems to have been fixed: with a growing digitalization and social media the public control is at a new high.

Consumers demand a responsible, sustainable and ethical conduct by companies. Falsehood can be exposed faster.

Digital transparency does not only allow control, it also makes ethically correct manner visible to everyone. From the point of social and business psychology people also act morally correct, because and if they gain recognition from it.

Furthermore it is important to transfer the concepts of democracy and the respect for the argumentation of a verbal opponent into the digital world. Communication in digital media cannot be dealt with dismissing courtesy and empathy. As for democracy, there are no simple solutions, we need to tolerate discrepancies, which shall be established as a form of communication within the internet.

With 42, pure sports we establish a method of resolution for socio-political problems.