The heart of 42, pure sports is an internet based plenum driven by an AI (Artificial Intelligence). All individuals involved are encouraged to a rather emotionally charged, nonetheless always respectful debate.

The Plenum ensures that practicable solutions will be carved out. These promising approaches to filtering solutions will be tested in real life situations for suitability. The results of the live application are an additional important learning step for the AI. Like a child taking its first steps, the AI learns to move more freely and safely within the respective area. The crucial aspect is the capacity for learning.
All knowledge will constantly be developed and implemented.

The beginning of a digital culture of conversation:

  • urgent challenges:
    a lack of confidence in associations and organizations
    corruption considered systematic rather than isolated
    doping thought to be a widespread issue
    assuring the future of sport promotion
  • 42, pure sports approach:
    creation of an official neutral Plenum with fair principles
    all interest groups are able to lay out their suggestions within transparent rules of a democratic discussion
    Chat bots or contributions far from fairness and respect will be classified as such
    finding common solutions within a fair discussion without prejudice
    theoretical solution approaches will be put into practice
  • 42 pure sports technology:
    a high quality think tank enabled through an honest moderation supported by artificiall intelligence
    fundamental values of democracy and  the rules for a culture of constructive controversy are firmly embedded within the AI
    focused communication
    no threat of escalation
  • Language Intelligence Zone