Data Protection Notice
May 10th, 2018

42 pure sports is an internet-platform to forge a strong alliance between athletes, media, politicians/officials, sponsors, pharmacy and fans. We will create the space for sustainable solutions that will lead to creating a community of social and political transformation. Please check ‘Imprint’ to find further information about us.

To achieve this goal 42 pure sports offers an internet-platform that allows the user to present his/her opinion and with this to communicate his/her willingness to supporting.

To ensure communication on a higher level, 42 pure sports sees it as indispensable to establish and permanently improve a high standard of data protection for the user.

The entire data processing is dealt with according to legal provisions. Additionally it is a core matter to us to have the user decide which information they want the give away to other users. This is why settings on are restrictive, meaning the user has to activate his/her data for other users to be seen.

The following information will give you an overview of what kind of data is asked for, how that data will be processed and passed on and to which extend you will receive information about the given data.

You can retrieve this notice of data protection from every site on the 42 pure sports internet-platform clicking the link ‘Privacy Policy’.

1. Basic Principles

1.1 The user decides which of his/her given personal information on 42 pure sports will be visible to other users.

1.2 The user decides which of his/her personal information he/she wants to exchange with other users. The users can update their information at any time.

1.3 42 pure sports offers the feature to the user to send messages to the editorial staff of 42 pure sports. These messages are private and therefore will be protected and will only be used for the purpose of processing the users private concerns. Private messages will not be directed to other users nor will they be given to third parties.

1.4 42 pure sports only uses that personal data for the purpose of allowing the user the participation of the 42 pure sports communication network including the features and performances (e.g. sponsoring 42 pure sports). Personal data will neither be let nor given out to third parties for promotional and/or marketing purposes.

1.5 The user’s name as well as the purchased and published photos will be visible to other users.

2. Data Collection at Point of Registration

2.1 In order to get access onto the 42 pure sports internet platform the user must give the following information (mandatory details):

2.1.1 username

2.1.2 email address

2.1.3 first name

2.1.4 last name

Mandatory details will be marked if necessary.

2.2 The following personal information will be optional at the point of registration:

2.2.1 street

2.2.2 postal code

2.2.3 city

2.2.4 country

2.2.5 phone number

2.2.6 date of birth

2.3 The user can delete his/her personal data or adjust them on his/her profile to be invisible to other 42 pure sports users. Please notice that sponsorings can only be taken if the optional information requested at point 2.2 is given.

3. Data Usage

3.1 We safe the users given data for creating the user’s account on which he/she can have access using his/her email address and by using the self-chosen password to get access to the 42 pure sports internet platform and to allow use of the 42 pure sports communication network (eg. the users first and last name will be visible on the published article).

3.2 The 42 pure sports editorial team can send you messages to get in contact with you. The pre-settings in your user profile under the menu ‘account settings’ and ‘private messages’ allows that you will additionally get informed via private message on the platform as well as via email. You can deactivate this service any time on your profile.

4. Data Transfer

4.1 Your provided personal data will be used to handle contract relationship and to provide to you the 42 pure sports internet platform service. The transfer of your personal data to third parties will only occur if data transfer is required considering contractual handling, billing purpose and for collection of charges.

4.2 Furthermore we can transfer your personal data to third parties if this promotes enforcement to our legitimate claims, if we are legally obliged or if we get obliged by court if it is considering official regulations especially criminal prosecution and regulatory authorities, if this will serve towards defence of public safety and public order and persecution of felonies.

5. Cookie Application

5.1 Cookies are small text data that are saved on your computer, mobile device or other terminal devices. With these cookies you will be recognised as former user on the 42 pure sports website by using the same terminal device and web browser. Cookies provide us with the information of the usage frequency and number of users of our website, they help us to make our service to the customer/user more comfortable, efficient and interesting. This way we can permanently improve our service and the 42 pure sports website to your needs.

5.2 After your registration with your username and password 42 pure sports uses so called session cookies by which you will be recognised for the duration of your visit on the 42 pure sports website. After each visit the session cookies expire automatically.

5.3 You can deactivate, limit or customise the saving of cookies on your browser. You can also manually delete cookies on your device. Please notice that the use of the 42 pure sports internet-platform cannot be given if you reject session cookies.

6.  Log-Data

6.1 With every access to the 42 pure sports internet platform user data will be transferred through your web browser and will be saved by to the protocol data (the so called server log files). The saved records include the following data:

6.1.1 date and time of retrieval

6.1.2 name of the retrieved site

6.1.3 IP-address

6.1.4 referrer-URL (URL of origin site from which you went onto the 42 pure sports website)

6.1.5 data volume transferred

6.1.6 information of product and versions of the browser

6.2 Log file data records will be evaluated by us in an anonymous manner to serve us to improve our service and for making it more user-friendly as well as fixing errors and controlling server capacities. The users’ IP-addresses will be deleted or anonymised after the use and the evaluation of the log file data records.

7. Safety

We have been taking a variety of safety measures in order to adequately protect your personal data in an appropriate scope.

Our data base is protected through physical and technical means which limits the access to the provided information to authorised person only in accordance to the data protection declaration. Our data system is set behind a software firewall to prevent the access of other networks that correspond with the internet. Sensitive data (e.g. bank account details) will only be submit via an encoded transfer (SSL-Technology) to the 42 pure sports internet platform. In order to protect your data, we constantly check our system for potential weak spots or against digital attacks. Please notice that the internet cannot guarantee a safety of 100%.

You should never pass on your access data to third parties. We recommend you change your password regularly. When you leave the 42 pure sports website you should always log-out and shut your web browser to prevent non-authorised persons to get access to your user account.

8. Right to Information / Contact Person

At any time we give you information about your personal data that have been saved with us. You also always have the option to have your personal data corrected, blocked or deleted by us. Please notice that data which are needed for processing outstanding tasks or assertion of our rights and claims, that we legally have to save, are excluded from being deleted. These data will be blocked according to legal requirements.

Please direct any requests for information or other concerns regarding data protection via email to Alternatively you can contact us using the information provided in the section ‘Imprint’.