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Last Evening we had a discussion on twitter about a representative of the IOC and his moral compass. So let me explain what 42 pure sports stands for and what is the machine learning technology behind it.

One of the first projects within the field of machine learning should be the establishment of a moral compass for every framework. In different cultures all over the world parents educate their kids and struggle to give them some ethical standards. As software architects we should be able to do the same. That’s why we are working on the digitalization of the culture of a constructive controversy in the first place. We are establishing the rules:

1. A dispute or an argument is an everyday phenomenon.

2. A dispute is something generally permitted.

3. A dispute below a certain level of escalation will be treated differently than those on superior levels.

4. How to dispute is directly linked to inter-subjective integrated rules of fairness.

5. All participants have the same rights, as the right to reschedule a dispute for taking reflective response time.

6. A dispute is not a competition.

7. A perfect dispute ends with a solution and not with a victory of one party over another.

8.  After a dispute is settled the relationship between the conflict partners is not damaged.

But there is more behind it than how to argue in the best and most effective way. We have got to implement the basic rules which defines a human being.

1.  Be true to your word.

2.  Do not take anything personally.

3.  Do not make any assumptions.

4.  Always give your best.

5.  Listen and be critical.

If we are able to reach that goal in time, digitalization can’t be twisted easily against humanity and we are able to use our communication tools in a more trustworthy and effective way. That’s how we are establishing a moral compass within a digital world.

What drives us in 2018 ?

Right now nobody could discribe the situation in sports better than the sport-publicist and philosopher Wolfram Eilenberger:

„Wenn du das aussprichst, was jeder sieht und weiß, aber keiner wissen will, trittst du einen Sturm der Empörung los.“
“If you say what everybody knows and sees, but nobody wants to know, you’ll set off a public outrage”
(Zeit-Online, January 18, 2017)

We are able to change the actual situation. If all people in sports come together and talk, we will find solutions.
Last year we laid the foundation. This year we are eager to implement the culture of a constructive controversy.

Digitalization of the Culture of Constructive Controversy

With 42 pure sports we introduce a Think Tank Culture, which will unveil echo systems and cheap polemics.
Posts will be valued by an AI for veracity and relevance. The rules are transparent.
We contribute to the improvement of social manners and the solution of social problems. In particular, this means the following:

With the digitalization of the culture of dispute we provide playful learning of fair interaction with each other.
Furthermore we create  awareness of those values, so everybody will be able to internalize them.

A bad diet is one of the greatest health hazards for people around the globe. Through information within the wide-ranging discussions of the Plenum we are going to make an individualized, all-balanced diet attractive to everybody.
Sufficient exercise is an unused potential in our affluent society. Clean and fair sports are a motivation for people of all ages. Especially young people and adults up to the early thirties are motivated by sporting idols to practice a discipline.

Present-Day Society:
42 pure sports
shows the potential within a respectful interaction and the joy about the achievement of a solution.
Let us again experience the values to the concepts of democracy and the respect for the argumentation.

Credibility and the commitment of proving to the next generation, that it is possible to reach any goal fraud-free and with honesty.

Credibility and the commitment of proving to the next generation, that it is possible to reach any goal fraud-free and with honesty.

Potential Solutions

We are beginning to collect solution approaches even before we are launching the Language Intelligence Zone (LIZ).
For example on Twitter subject: Sports Promotion:

Or a Match Vision Solution for FIFA:

We will be pleased to receive your proposals as a comment .

Task Areas

For pure sports we have to clarify some basic issues, again and again.

  • How are we able so save the values sports stands for?
  • How can sports serve as a model for a healthy living and a reasonable nourishment?
  • What must be done to move professional sports into that direction?

Help us in order to obtain detailed questions.
A clear question will be solved much easier in our upcoming Think-Tank.

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42 pure sports – Give sports back the values it stands for.


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